Zurri Hairdressing Embracing Eco Awareness

Being environmentally friendly simply means adopting a lifestyle & introducing measures, which will help towards creating a better place for our community & future generations & by adapting guidelines that result in reduced, or no harm to our environment & ecosystems. Eco friendly habits will help us use less & make the most of what we have.

Here at Zurri Hairdressing we are endeavouring to investigate ways in which we can take steps towards this, by understanding how to conserve resources, prevent wastage & recycle whenever & wherever possible. We have all shared suggestions & ideas & will be continually researching ways to improve.

Some things we have already implemented are – sourcing ethically derived hair extensions, having eco heads on our basins to restrict water flow, making our own laundry liquid as well as recycling all paper, cardboard & bottles. Some of our lighting is already energy efficient & we will be looking to add to this. Coffee grounds are great for compost & I’ve even heard, when mixing them with a little coconut oil, they make an excellent exfoliating body scrub!

It’s actually quite amazing the amount of different uses there are for things that we usually just throw in the rubbish. Did you know that birds appreciate the lint from your clothes dryer to make their nests? We are also looking into composting hair. After us taking all that time & energy growing it, it seems such a waste to throw it away!

There are many other small steps we can take & areas in which we can improve, in our business & at home. We are all looking forward to the challenge!

Don’t forget, we also sell L’Oreal’s beautiful Pureology range of Shampoo’s, Conditioners & Styling Products, which are Sulphate free & 100% vegan. As well as using L’Oreal’s Inoa as our main colour, which is Ammonia free.