Sally Senior

Company Director

I have had the pleasure to work in this exciting and ever changing industry for upwards of 20 years. Through my extensive involvement in the industry I have learnt what is necessary to deliver the best in service and quality, thus Zurri was created! At Zurri we aim to provide a unique and special hairdressing experience – a warm and luxurious environment filled with vibrant, creative stylists. Indulge yourself in the Zurri experience today!



Salon Manager / Colour Specialist

As the Salon Manager of Zurri my role is to enhance your salon experience. By improving communication between clients and the team here at Zurri we hope to exceed your expectations. With a history in the hairdressing industry spanning more than 20 years I bring an experienced outlook to the reception and salon and invite you to contact me with absolutely anything I can assist you with.



Senior Stylist

With over 15 Years in this amazing Industry working as a Senior Stylist I have come to learn a lot of different skills to enable me to help with  my client's hair journey.

What I love most about hairdressing is being able to help my client's fall in love with their hair and always feeling special when they're in my care and craeting something unique for each and evry one.




Senior Stylist

I consider myself lucky, For over so many years, I have met so many people, Shared much laughter and tears, Making people feel special, I think is the key, At least that’s what hairdressing, Means to me, As long as your hair, Makes you feel good, Everything else in the world, Seems as it should, Luxurious products, Exceptional brands, Your hair will be cared for, Once in our hands, We’d love to welcome you, To our beautiful space, To make YOU feel special, Put a smile on YOUR face! So give us a call, Or pop in for a chat, Even contact by email,

If you prefer to do that!



Senior Stylist

I am a hairstylist with more than 8 years of experience from Saint-Petersburg, Russia. There are two things that I love to do the most: traveling and make people look fabulous.

Apparently, I am good at these 

Being a positive thinker I always work with a smile. I am really thankful that life gave me the chance to join the  Zurri family.

For me, communication is one of the key ingredients to provide our clients with the best service possible. That is why I always listen and trust me - I care. 

My goal is to enhance the beauty of your natural features and create an amazing look for you.